Senior Pastor Application Process


Thank you for your interest in leading First Congregational Church of Hillsboro, WI. The following information will help guide you through the necessary steps of applying.


1.       Apply for the Position – There are three important steps in applying.


First, complete the application that authorizes a background check.


Second, answer First Congregational Church’s essay questions and basic info.

Download – Essay Questions – FCC

Download – Profile from 2013 – Foresee Churches – 1

Third, send in a completed resume.

All of the information above should be sent in to hillsfch@gmail.com – Tom Hotek is the Church Administrator and he will get back with you within 24 hours acknowledging reception of the materials. If you do not receive an email of acknowledgment, please call the church at 608-489-2492 and leave a message with your name. The Administrator will get back with you.


The deadline for submitting application materials is July 31st, 2017.  We will review applications and all other materials and then will contact chosen applicants for an initial phone interview.  If applicants do well in the phone interview, they will be called upon for an in-person interview.

2.       Initial Phone Interview –

3.       Interview the Candidates – Although electronic means is a possibility, ideally we hope to have face to face interviews with the candidates here in rural Wisconsin. The hiring committee will evaluate the candidates and pick the one they think is the best choice for the local church. If this is you, you will be called upon for step 4.

4.       A Weekend at First Congregational – On a chosen weekend, the candidate (and their family) will come to meet the Church leadership boards as well as preach the Sunday morning sermon, and take part in a meet and greet pot-luck meal with the whole congregation. At this pot-luck, questions can be asked by the congregation as well as a time to get to know one another.

After step four the congregation will vote upon the candidate approximately two weeks after they visited and preached. If the vote goes well, the church will formally and officially call the applicant and offer them the position.


A link to our Statement of Faith http://hillsborocongregational.org/?page_id=40