About Us

Our Worship time includes:

Praise music, traditional hymns, scripture readings, Pastor’s Bible Message, special music, prayer time/open requests

What you should expect

A warm welcome, music rooted in the truth of Scripture, and a message that will challenge and teach you to think clearer about how Christian truth applies to your everyday life.

What you should wear

At First Congregational we have people who enjoy dressing up in suits and fine dresses and others who come in blue jeans and t-shirts. If you come, wear what’s comfortable for you.

What kind of Church are we?

Well, we are modern people standing on the foundation of the ancient truths of Christ and his apostles. If you are from a totally ‘modern church’ I think you will be surprised at what we have to offer you. The ancient faith and its practice continue to provide ways of grounding Christians in significant and meaningful ways that many in the modern church world end up coming back to or longing for. If you come you will see that we still say the Apostles Creed and the Lord’s Prayer, as well as we do responsive readings. Visitors have mentioned how “refreshing” it is to be part of our services. Let it also be said that we are not scared of “change” either. Some churches seem to dislike that word altogether, but we enjoy it very much, at least where it is appropriate.

If you are from a more traditional liturgical church such as Catholic, Anglican, or Lutheran then you will find much to please you in that vein as well. You may be equally surprised at how we are able to maintain the historical ‘elements’ of ‘church’ while offering a fresh look at Jesus and a warm community.  We also hope to offer you a sense of renewed vision in how we live our Christian life. All in all, we are a caring truth bearing Christian community that loves to worship King Jesus. Let it also be said that we don’t change for change sake or because of cultural pressures. Some modern churches have thrown the baby out with the bath water of classical Christianity, and we simply are not interested in losing the ‘baby.’

What about someone who has never gone to church?

Come check us out. We are not perfect, yet we care about the truth and how it applies to your life. Pastor Isaac has spent a lot of time communicating and discussing important issues with atheists, agnostics, skeptics and even those of other religions. Perhaps this could be a place to think deep with others and check out what Christianity is all about even if you are not sure you want to be a Christian. Also, if you have questions about the faith write to hillsfch@gmail.com and we would be glad communicate with you about them. No question is off limits!

Do I have to be a member to come?

Nope. Come as you are.

Pastor David Bordy