The Bible Misunderstood…?

The Bible is a great book! Many people think it is riddled with problems, contradictions, and fables. However, most of the accusations against it are gross misunderstandings.

When I was going to school in Ohio (a small Bible College in Columbus) I would go over to the Ohio State University with a couple of friends and join with a secular group. This atheistic group was called the Secular Student Alliance and held weekly meetings in a very religious fashion. The group was a mix of both non-religious and anti-religious students and adults. One common way they portrayed themselves is being on the ‘brighter side’ intellectually. This is only true some of the time.

Either way, this group has a mission. They intend to undermine the beliefs of the ‘faithful’ and create a class of ‘enlightened’ people free from religion while making the world aware of their existence. Since my mission is the opposite, I found the meetings and their late night debates stimulating. In some respects, I made progress and other times the same worn out phrases would creep in. One of those phrases was, “The Bible is riddled with contradictions.” It was often said with an air of, “Everyone knows that.”

On one memorable night, I asked the atheists to conjure up just one actual contradiction. One atheist was quick on his feet and replied, “Well, the tree that is in the center of the earth. That clearly contradicts modern science.” Having read the Bible many times, I was stumped. I challenged further, “Where is that in the Bible?” The atheist could not remember, so he jumped on his laptop, found his favorite atheist website that listed it, and told me, “Its in the book of Daniel!”

After he told me the location, I knew he had no idea what this particular book of the Bible was about. Daniel has many visions in this short book and this was one of them. In other words, the Bible was not making a literal statement about physical reality. This is obvious from reading the whole verse which only would have taken one second. So…no literal tree in the literal earth.  This particular atheist took his highly slanted websites viewpoint as an accurate portrayal of the text and was way off. Most apparent “contradictions” are just the faulty views of humans.

Does the Bible have contradictions? No. Do people? Certainly.