A Celebration of Women

Since it was just International Women’s Day, I thought I would highlight some of the women in the Bible. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

1.       Mary the Mother of Jesus: Jesus’ mother is not just considered a mom, although that role was incredibly important. She is also considered a great example of faith. She is the New Testament counterpart to the man of faith in the Old Testament. Both Abraham and Mary said, “Yes” to God’s plan for their lives (Luke 1:38).

2.       Junia the Apostle : Junia is often considered the first woman apostle (See Romans 16:7). To be considered an apostle, and in her case a significant one, meant her ministry was significant. Her ministry would have been considerable in the early church in both leading and teaching.  

3.       Priscilla the Instructor: Priscilla is the wife of Aquila in the Bible. Priscilla’s name is always mentioned first. This primacy likely implies that her ministry was more significant than her husbands. Back in those days, husband’s names were always mentioned first, and here we find several reversals. In other words, she was very prominent. She and her husband are even responsible for furthering the education of the great leader Apollos (Acts 18:26).

4.       Phoebe the Deacon: In Roman’s 16:1, we learn of this “deaconess of the church.” To be a deaconess meant you had official responsibilities. Paul considers Phoebe a real asset and blessing to all the churches.

5.       The Four Daughters:  In Acts 21:9, we see Philip the Evangelist’s four daughters “who prophesied.” Although this is a short mention, it is an important detail to notice. These four daughters were all given a special gift for the body of Christ, a gift of very high importance. Their gift and subsequent task, was to speak forth the word of the Lord.

Let us not forget the incredible women of the Bible! Let us not forget that God still blesses, gifts, and graces women to do incredible things in our own day!