Is Jesus the Only Way?

Confirmation Class: Is Jesus the only way?

What other people say?

1. There are many roads that lead to the same place.

2. There are many leaders that described basically the same thing but called it by different names.

-Example of the 6 blind people feeling an elephant and each describing it as something different.

3. It is arrogant to say that your way is the only way to truth.

4. Everything is just about preference and taste anyway, especially when it comes to matters of religion.


Scriptures: John 14:6, Acts 4:12, Matthew 28:19-20,

1. If those roads are going in opposite directions with different destinations then not all roads are leading to the same place. Each religion has competing claims with others that contradict one another and a contradiction means they both cannot be correct.

2. Each of these leaders often described religion in very different ways in the ultimate sense. Sure they have some similarities but just because they have some things in common do not mean they have everything in common, or even the most central aspects of those things.

-The example of the 6 blind persons all touching an Elephant and describing it in different ways fails to prove “all religious leaders” were just describing the same thing. Why? Because we know that the elephant was not a wall or not a snake. We know that it was an Elephant, and what each of the religions and worldviews seek to describe is what the object is as a whole, not just some part of it.

3. Is it arrogant to believe in truth? What about those who tell others that they should not believe absolute truth? Is that not an absolute truth claim? And then wouldn’t that be arrogant because they believe in an absolute truth? It is not arrogant to hold onto something that you think is true

4. Religion is not about matters of taste and preference, considering they deal with ultimate claims. For some people maybe it is about ‘preference’ because they may follow what feels good to them. However, each religion makes claims about reality and those claims need to be tested.

Remember though: All Truth is God’s Truth. Therefore, it is not wrong of us to affirm something correct about the Muslim Faith or something that Atheists do in fact get right at some time. Acknowledging one thing that is correct does not mean you have to acknowledge many things they believe as right. The point of “truth” is when something is true, God is the God of truth no matter who believes it. For instance, Muslim’s believe in ONE God. Christians also believe in only one God. Other religions believe that prayer is beneficial. Christians also believe this. Atheists (most) think that logic applies to reality. Christians also think this. So, just because the “source” might not be entirely true on all things does not mean that it is not correct on some things, and when we find some other belief system correct on something we should not worry and think they are the truth faith. We can just acknowledge them being right on the particular thing while they may still be flawed on central things.

  • Paul Laird

    Truth, real truth, is absolute truth and God is the God of Absolute Truth. God uses unbelievers at times to pronounce His truth. We should recognize truth no matter who utters it.